Opening hours - Mon - Fri 9-5pm - Saturday 10-3pm

If you are not sure on what you are after and would like to talk to a expert you can call us and book appointment and we can run through what is best for you.


Location and Access - To have such a beautiful location and water access 24/7 our shop is in a BOAT YARD in Rossiters Quay, Christchurch.

 It is a private cobbled road between the two bridges with a sign saying PRIVATE ROAD - You can access as you are coming to see us at the shop but it is private to launch unless you are our customers.

Drive up this road respecting residents 10mph , (you will see our signs on the left) -  a barrier is open in opening times so go through and keep going straight until you see us at the end.



The Sup Store
Rossiters Quay
Bridge Street
BH23 1DZ

Contact // 07921919995