JP Australia 10’6 allroundair LE 3DS

JP Australia 10’6 allroundair LE 3DS

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JP AllroundAir 10ft 6 x 32ins LE 3DS 2020 Specification -

  • Length – 10'6 Foot
  • Width – 28 Inches
  • Thickness - 6 inches
  • Volume – 318 L 
  • Ideal Rider Weight – TBA
  • Weight – 9.2 kg 

JP AllroundAir 10ft 6 x 32ins LE 3DS features – 

  • 4 point recessed bungee storage area
  • Soft EVA deck pad

The JP AllroundAir 10’6” x 32” LE with 3DS for 2020 is the ultimate ‘swiss army knife’ of a SUP – the most accessible stand up paddleboard for all with its accommodating weight capacity, ease of paddling and all-round fun. With the light, cost-effective yet powerful 'Light Edition' construction, the AllroundAir at 10 foot 6 inches and 32 inches wide is incredibly versatile in it’s all-round whether that be flat-water or surf and simply sits at a sweet spot blending length, width, construction for a accessible, all-round board for fun!

The ‘Light Edition’ (LE) comprises pre-laminated, double layers of air tight PVC that creates a durable shell that is lightweight. The shell is laminated directly onto the 500D Polyester Drop Stitch fabric. This creates a stiff and incredible value for money construction. With the addition of the 3D Stringer, this original technology for JP in 2020 connects the deck, rail and bottom into one stiffening U-Beam – further increasing rigidity by 30% making the board more stable and easier to paddle.