SUP Scrub Board  & Accessory Cleaner
SUP Scrub Board  & Accessory Cleaner
SUP Scrub Board  & Accessory Cleaner

SUP Scrub Board & Accessory Cleaner

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SUP Scrub Retail Info  


SUP Scrub - The Eco Paddleboard Cleaner - 750ml 


The Eco Paddleboard Cleaner is a 'ready to use' cleaning solution designed for Stand Up Paddleboards and accessories.    

We believe that as Paddleboarders we need a cleaning product that is as unique as the sport itself. Our SUP Wash is tough enough to clean our boards and equipment from the salt, dirt, oils, whilst also being safe for the environment and safe for us to use. 

SUPscrub can be used to clean any surface that is designed to be used in water, including: 

  • Inflatable SUPs 
  • Hard Construction SUPs 
  • Hydro Foil 
  • Kayaks 
  • Canoes 
  • Windsurfing boards 
  • Surfboards 
  • Paddles 

The bottle is made from a reusable high-quality HDPE recyclable plastic that can be refilled time and time again. 


#ImAScrubber – Use this hashtag to allow paddlers to promote that they look after their watersports equipment. It’s a great way to show some before and after snaps of how SUPscrub Works.  

#WatchYourWash – Promote awareness of what chemicals and products paddlers are using on their boards and what the potential impacts could be on the Environment, their Boards and themselves.   

#LoveWhereWePaddle – Is our way of championing the responsibility, stewardship and Duty paddlers feel to protect the environment we love to paddle in.