SIC SURF BAG 11.0 X 36.0

SIC SURF BAG 11.0 X 36.0

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The SIC MAUI Surf Bag is designed to perfectly fit, store and protect your Saber 10'6", Tao surf 10'6", Sage 10'6" or Tao fit 11" off the water to ensure a long life and allow for convenient and safe transportation. It can also be useful to keep the interior of your car or storage facility clean.

The bag is constructed using extremely durable, lightweight and heat resistant materials to protect your board from minor dings, UV rays and heat damage. Openings are equipped with heavy duty marine grade zippers to make packing your board easy and reduce risk of corrosion. The dense closed-cell foam padding guards against dings and keep your board’s temperature regulated when stored, while the reflective white panelling on the bottom guards against heat while exposed to the sun.

The bag comes with a padded and removable shoulder strap using metal hardware for increased strength and durability. This makes it ideal for day tripsas it free your hands and make it a travel-friendly companion.