Starboard Sprint 14’x25” Carbon - The SUP Store
Starboard Sprint 14’x25” Carbon - The SUP Store
Starboard Sprint 14’x25” Carbon - The SUP Store

Starboard Sprint 14’x25” Carbon

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SUP Store says “Once a flat water specific shape, now a game changer in terms of versatility with shit loads of stability”

Limited Edition 25” available iCarbon

THICK SLICING NOSE CONE - reduces pitching and cuts through the water for top end displacement speed.

ANGLED NOSE DESIGN - with sharp centre nose ridge and angled rails limits water wrapping the nose for a more stable ride, while reducing drag and water weight entering the tray.

OPTIMISED NOSE VOLUME - Provides greater float to reach speed quickly on flat water. The fuller nose limits pitching in choppy water, giving more pop and release, allowing the rider to keep a steady cadence.

CHAMFERED RAIL EDGE - provides secondary stability to restrict the board from rolling.

FLAT SIDE PLANE FORM - Creates smoother glide and adds stability. Feel more controlled and less twitchy when switching between strokes. The planning surface is reduced by nearly 20%, increasing the glide and overall speed.

STRAIGHT AND RAISED RAILS - Reduces the board from rolling. Blocks water from entering the tray. Lower standing position increases stability due to the lower centre of gravity. New extended flat standing area provides more space to change stance when sprinting and trimming.

THICKER PROFILE - Limits the board from yawing from nose to tail and instead balances the glide. Blocks water entering the tray on powerful downward strokes, propelling the hull forwards as it lifts on the upward stroke. Thicker profile makes it more versatile to handle choppy water and more challenging conditions.

SLOPED TAIL - The closed tail restricts water from flooding the tray when buoy turning and surfing, resulting in quicker acceleration and speed out of turns. The 12’6”x23” & 21.5” both feature a wide squaretail outline which helps propel the board forwards in choppy water.

STRAIGHTER TAIL ANGLE - Makes it easier for trimming and buoy turning when stepping back on the tail. The peak of the tail acts as a moulded tail kicker for comfortable and precise foot positioning to drive pivot turns.

FLATTER TAIL - Flatter tail creates a smooth release with less wake making it harder for others to draft.  More tail rocker makes it easier to lift the nose in downwind.