Starboard Hyper Foil Starlite 7'7"  - 2020

Starboard Hyper Foil Starlite 7'7" - 2020

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 Starboard Hyper Foil Starlite features –

  • Extended EVA Pad.
  • Wide Nose and Tail.
  • Recessed Deck Pad Area.
  • Boxy Rails

The combination of a short compact outline, distinct channel bottom and thick profile make the Starboard Hyper Foil a great platform for entry-level learning to foiling.

Numerous test trips by Starboard Team Riders have formed a range that excels in all types of conditions including flat-water pump foiling, wave riding and downwind racing.

The Revolutionary Starboard Starlite Construction with parabolic carbon innegra rails is highly scratch proof.
The boards construction is significantly fortified through the 3x Glass T-stringers between the middle and nose of the board. The standing area is made of a layer of Australian pine which protects the board from impact and offer it more ridgidity. The entire hull, wrapped in fibreglass layers of different densities, is extremly strong and durable.