Starboard All Star 14' 2019 model - The SUP Store
Starboard All Star 14' 2019 model - The SUP Store
Starboard All Star 14' 2019 model - The SUP Store
Starboard All Star 14' 2019 model - The SUP Store
Starboard All Star 14' 2019 model - The SUP Store

Starboard All Star 14' 2019 model

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HIGH-PERFORMANCE RACE SHAPES DESIGNED BY WORLD-CLASS ATHLETES: From progressive level riders to elite racers. The All Star is the world’s most successful, user-friendly and versatile race design. The updated bottom shape is more stable when switching between strokes, allowing you to maintain a smooth and balanced glide without disrupting the speed. Starboard’s 2019 race range is faster and again more stable, breaking new boundaries in our sport.
OPTIMIZED NOSE VOLUME: Provides greater float and lift in flat water, allowing for faster acceleration.The added volume gives greater buoyancy and lift upwind and prevents nose diving when paddling downwind.The pop and release allow the rider to maintain glide with a steady cadence.
SMOOTH NOSE: Refined V allows for faster entry onto downwind bumps and added kick reduces nose diving.
CENTER CHANNEL: Creates a flatter center rocker for extended glide & propels the water from nose to tail creating lift and speed. Narrower and straighter channel improves tracking and delivers a smoother glide.
FLAT SIDE PLANE; Creates smoother glide and adds stability. Feel more controlled and less twitchy when switching between strokes. The planning surface is reduced by nearly 20%, increasing the glide and overall speed.
CHAMFERED RAIL EDGE: provides secondary stability to restrict the board from rolling.
BOXY STRAIGHT RAILS: With more vertical apex optimizes the full outline width of the board for greater stability and reduces rolling.
HIGHER TRAY: Prevents water wrapping into the standing area adding excess weight and drag, improves stability in side chop and allows to turn the board when leaning on the rail. Fuller rail directly in front of the standing area provides more pop and stability both upwind and in side chop.
BOXY TAIL: on selected models replaces the volume lost from the tail outline to create lift and added push onto bumps downwind.
FLATTER TAIL: Creates a smooth release & faster glide with less turbulence making it harder for others to draft. More tail rocker in the side planes makes it easier to lift the nose in downwind. Easier to slide the tail over the water with less effort for buoy turning.
NARROWER TAIL OUTLINE: Faster acceleration and overall glide per stroke due to less surface area & drag from the tail. Upwind the narrower tail helps the board flow naturally with bumps, helping to lift the nose over swell and glide into bumps creating a similar sensation to the Ace board. Downwind the narrower tail makes it more reactive to turn direction and maneuver between bumps. Easier to sink the lower volume tail to lift the nose for fast snappy buoy turning.
FIN SET UP: A longer center fin like the Race Ultra will provide greater stability and tracking in flat water, while a smaller fin like the Natural Winner will deliver more downwind maneuverability.