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Starboard 9'5 x 32" Wide Point


"For bulky frames craving speed to transfer momentum into tight carving."
The new 2014 Wide Point provides extra stability due to a flatter deck, improved glide and agility. A new squash tail outline, combined with added V off the tail, provides for more responsive, edgy cutbacks. Finer forward rails improve acceleration, with smoother entry into the wave and through cutbacks. Bottom shape has been refined with a deeper concave running through the middle to accelerate water flow with V brought in earlier to aid release. Easy fun, high performance. "Mono concave at nose to double concave"
Length: Width: Thickness: Tail Width: Volume:
9'5" 32" 4.4" 18.4" 153 L
287 cm 81.3 cm 11.1 cm 46.7 cm  

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