Starboard 7ft 6 x 30ins Hyper Nut Starlite - 2020

Starboard 7ft 6 x 30ins Hyper Nut Starlite - 2020

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Starboard 7ft 6 x 30ins Hyper Nut Starlite Specification -

  • Length – 7’6” Foot
  • Width – 30” Inches
  • Volume – 115 Litres
  • Ideal Rider Weight – 60 – 95kg
  • Weight – TBA

Starboard 7ft 6 x 30ins Hyper Nut Starlite features - 

  • Wide and Short Nose Outline
  • Compact Performance
  • Straight Outline
  • Flat Standing Area
  • Thin Rails Towards The Tail

The all-new 2020 Starboard Hyper Nut 7’6” Starlite construction is the best-selling size Hypernut and for good reason. The perfect balance between ease of use and performance, the 2019 7’6” Hyper Nut works in mushy surf to clean lines; delivering a hugely rewarding ride. The shorter nose outline for 2019 offers more stability while generating even more speed on the face of a wave. This quad fin master piece with its deep swallow tail works exceptionally well for paddlers ranging from 60 – 95kg


The Starboard Hyper Nut concept was first released in 2015 and quickly became the bench mark for short board Stand Up Paddle board surfing. The unique shape of the Hyper Nut enables you to surf a drastically shorter paddle board due to its parabolic rail which provides a pivot point on the SUP so that you can easily initiate turns. While the wide flat standing area gives stability underfoot making this compact package extremely rewarding to paddle.


The Starlite construction for 2020 features a custom engineered water-based dye and resin swirl optic to reduce the use of PU paint and very hard wearing. The swirl finish of the 2020 Starlite construction also gives a unique finish to each paddle board. Carbon Innergra rails once again feature heavily in the Starlite finish and are exceptionally strong and highly scratch resistant. It also worth noting that in all SUP’s under 10ft overall feature three glass stringers over their length making them incredibly strong.