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Starboard 2020 GO 11'2 - lite tech

Starboard 2020 GO 11'2 - lite tech

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Starboard 11’2" x 32" GO Lite Tech Specification -

  • Length – 11’2” Foot
  • Width – 32” Inches
  • Volume – 217 Litres
  • Ideal Rider Weight – 60 – 105kg
  • Weight – TBA

Starboard 11’2" x 32" GO Lite Tech features –

  • Deep center channel creates a flatter middle rocker for the most efficient and long-lasting glide, similar to the All Star Range.
  • Wide tail and nose provide an entirely smooth and balanced trim for efficient paddling over distance. You can step back for a snap turn or count on the nose area for added stability in chop.
  • Boxy rail increases the stability of the board and limits water flowing onto the deck, keeping feet and gear dry, essential in cooler climates.

The Starboard 11ft 2 x 32ins GO Lite Tech is a stable, smooth, fast and reliable board. spend less time trying to balance and much more time having fun 

The Starboard 11ft 2 x 32ins GO Lite Tech has a deep centre channel creating a flat middle rocker for that efficient and lasting glide when paddling. The bottom side planes create a very stable platform unmatched in balance. Built like a catamaran with the volume out on the sides to increase the stability. Boxy rails help increase the stability and limits water flow on the deck-pad. 

With a Wide nose and tail the Starboard GO gives the rider a smooth and balanced trim for paddling distance. confidence when stepping back for turns and counting on the nose for that extra stability in those choppy waters are all benefits of the wide nose and tail. 

A flat standing area on the Starboard 11ft 2 x 32ins GO Lite Tech gives extra comfort when paddling and provides a perfect area for practising SUP Yoga. A far back fin box position gives greater tracking and reduces the need for swapping sides when paddling. 

On the GO Lite Tech the board come fitted with a bungee tie down at the front of the board, perfect for storing any gear or keeping hold of the paddle during yoga. 

Starboard's Lite Tech doesn't sacrifice performance for affordability, with extra rigidity with stringer bands and added rail and nose reinforcements. Australian pine is used in the standing area to increase rigidity and for extra impact resistance. manoeuvres