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Starboard 12’6" x 28" Generation Lite Tech

Starboard 12’6" x 28" Generation Lite Tech

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Starboard 12’6" x 28" Generation Lite Tech Specification -

  • Length – 12’6” Foot
  • Width – 28” Inches
  • Volume – TBA
  • Ideal Rider Weight – TBA
  • Weight – TBA

Starboard 12’6" x 28" Generation Lite Tech features – 

  • 4 point recessed bungee storage area
  • Soft EVA deck pad

The Starboard 12’6” Generation is brand new for 2020; it is quite possibly the most complete Stand Up Paddleboard that Starboard has ever developed and released. So often you have to make a compromise in a paddleboard, is it for touring, is it for racing, is it for surfing. With the 12’6 Generation you get a SUP which does it all to a high standard.

The wide outline of the 12’6 Generation ensures it is stable enough for touring, while the race-inspired round vee and double concave has the proven ability to be fast, and the gradual curved rocker and rail shape make the Generation perform in the surf.

The round vee of the Starboard Generation helps lift the forward section of the board enabling it to accelerate faster and maintain a higher top speed. This also provides an easy release ensuring the board drives over chop and is responsive in all conditions.

It may sound simple but often the standing area of surf shapes detracts from the overall experience, not so with the Generation 12’6”; with a flat deck, it is easy to move freely around when trimming the board and surfing on the tail.

As you work your way down the Generation you start to notice the how the rail of this SUP changes from the rounded forward section to avoid catching, before sharping at the middle to create a stable platform through to the sharp edges which round out the tail of the board so that it performs in surf.
The wide-ranging abilities of the Generation are best hinted at by the fin set up, which features a 230 central fin and a pair of 5.5” thruster fins. This combination provides added drive and control to turn the 12’6” Generation in surf.