SIC SABER 11'6'' X 30.0''
SIC SABER 11'6'' X 30.0''

SIC SABER 11'6'' X 30.0''

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Recreational surf
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Surf Cruising
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The Saber is a great recreational cruiser that can surf without performance being compromised. The Saber is a great place to start if you think cruising and surfing are in your future.

Product Specifications

  • Complete dimensions350 cm x 76.2 cm x 185L
  • Weight28.4 lbs / 13.9 kg
  • Max Riders Weight230 lbs / 105 kg

SABER 11'6'' X 30.0''

We classify the Saber a surf-cruiser because when the surf comes up, the Saber will not let you down. These boards ride like a longboard, carry speed down the line and cruise effortlessly through the break and on the flats. The pinched rails and tail hip in the tail allow the board to carve smooth through turns keeping you smiling from ear-to-ear.

This board is also designed as a stable recreational cruiser. Its flat bottom will give you the confidence you need in choppy waters and is perfect for cruising harbors, lakes or nearly anywhere you want to go. The Saber is built in SIC’s Glass Composite + Innegra™ (GC+) construction which offers both performance and durability at an affordable price.


FULL NOSETo get into mushy waves or for longboard riding style and feel

BEVELED RAILSFor more bite on the wave and quicker turning

FOAM FLOW DISTRIBUTIONGiving volume where you need, tapering to the tail for better maneuverability

2+1 CONFIGURATIONIncluding FCS2 fin boxes + 10” US Center Box. Allows for fin setup flexibility


4-PIECE KICK PADAssist with turning

LEASH PLUGTo connect a leash for safety

GORE-TEXTM BREATHER VENTAllows board to breathe and prevent delamination

ACTION CAMERA MOUNT ON THE NOSETo capture your adventures on the water



  • Board
  • Three/Four XL Fusion compatible fins + 9.0” MAHI 3K Carbon Fin