SIC Battle 80 Paddle (CTL)

SIC Battle 80 Paddle (CTL)

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SIC Battle 80 Paddle (CTL)

The SIC Battle 80 Paddle - Elite Race Paddle

Even the fastest boards in the world can be faster with an effective paddle. This is why SIC have spent so much time retooling their paddle line (literally) from blade, to oval shaped shaft, to ergo handle.

Their new blade design has been optimised to have a higher aspect ratio, more catch, and a cleaner release. This is a fancy way of saying that the blades are even faster in and out of the water. Additionally, SIC have wrapped the edge in ABS to protect against impact damage. The proprietary shaft design is a tapered oval to round ID that can accept either a standard, EVA wrapped, cut to fit, carbon handle, OR a Lever Lock 6” carbon adjustable handle for the ultimate in performance adjustability.

No more cutter’s regret! You can now seamlessly change up your paddle length between surfing and racing with the Lever Lock 6” carbon adjustable handle. One paddle, more options.

  • Shaft: 100% Prepreg Carbon shaft 25mm stiffness, Oval tapered, Standard 87” cut-to-length shaft
  • Grip: Carbon fiber Grip, Bladder molded, EVA wrapped Ergo-dynamic grip
  • Blade: 24K 100% Prepreg Blade (with ABS reinforced tip), Light- weight PVC core sandwich, 12 degree blade sweep for optimal power, Foiled to minimise turbulence, providing the smoothest entry/exit possible, Curved tip and concave power face for a quick catch, Blades offered in two sizes: 80 and 90 square inches.

The design and performance of SIC paddle blades is based around three phases of an efficient paddle stroke:

The Catch

Our blade are designed for a smooth entry into the water with minimal splash or blade rotation during entry. This allows the blade to become firmly planted in the water for the second phase of the stroke…

The Pull

This is where power is applied from the paddler, to the blade, into the water and is what propels you forward. Keeping the blade slightly narrower and longer than traditional SUP paddle blades gives you several “gears” depending on how deeply you insert the paddle into the water. Together with a slight dihedral in the blade it also reduces cavitation (flutter) for maximum transfer of power from body to blade to water.

The Recovery

Just as important as the Catch, a clean recovery minimises power loss and maintains rhythm. SIC paddle blades have minimal ‘curve’ in the blade and a thin profile. This allows the blade to “pop” out of the water at the end of the stroke quickly and cleanly. The thin profile also increases blade performance when feathering the paddle through the water, which is an advanced recovery technique used in many situations, from helping maintain balance to course corrections.