Red Ride Dacron Rig Package 2020

Red Ride Dacron Rig Package 2020

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Red Paddle Co Ride Windsurfing Sail and Rig Package. With new Dacron material that makes it even more durable. 

The Red Sail available in the following sizes,  2.5Mtr / 3.5Mtr / 4.5Mtr

Red Sail, Mast, Boom, Sail, Carry case, uphaul, UJ, Deck plate (Select Size)

Red Paddle Co Ride Dacron Windsurfing Sail and Rig Package 2020

Complete ready to sail. Just add a board!

The Red Sail... Comes complete with carry case, mast, boom, sail and all the fittings to plug into your board and sail away. Red had used the more durable Dacron material making it even more durable and longer lasting!