Red Paddle Co 12 ft 6 Voyager - 2021
Red Paddle Co 12 ft 6 Voyager - 2021
Red Paddle Co 12 ft 6 Voyager - 2021
Red Paddle Co 12 ft 6 Voyager - 2021
Red Paddle Co 12 ft 6 Voyager - 2021
Red Paddle Co 12 ft 6 Voyager - 2021
Red Paddle Co 12 ft 6 Voyager - 2021
Red Paddle Co 12 ft 6 Voyager - 2021
Red Paddle Co 12 ft 6 Voyager - 2021

Red Paddle Co 12 ft 6 Voyager - 2021

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The 2021 Red Paddle Co 12'6 Voyager board when inflated measures -

  • Length -12.6 feet
  • Width - 32 inches
  • Thickness - 5.9 inches
  • Volume - 370 litres
  • Weight - 13 kg

The 2021 Red Paddle Co 12'6 Voyager package when packed in its Red Paddle Co. Back Pack with pump and three piece alloy paddle measures -

  • Tall - 90 cm
  • Width - 50 cm
  • Depth - 35 cm
  • Weighs - 15.4 kg

The 2021 Red Paddle Co 12'6 Voyager is the ultimate inflatable paddleboard for the avid explorer. The 2021  Voyager is without a doubt the most efficient SUP inflatable for long distances with absolute ease while carrying everything you need for a day out or weekend adventure. Designed to carry loads of in excess of 150kg, the Red Paddle Co 12'6 Voyager is an extremely capable paddleboard and is one of our favorites.

Why the 12'6 over the 13'2? - the 12'6 is slightly shorter but most importunately 2" wider giver extra stability.

There are 5 ergonomic tubular carry handles on the board, making it super-easy and more importantly comfortable to transport to every location on your journey. 

New for 2021: The Revolutionary V-HullBy cleverly tapering the cut of the drop stitch, the new displacement V-shaped hull on the nose of the Voyager breaks the surface tension of the water and keeps you gliding through your paddle stroke. The board slices through the water with ease and increased speed. This is a real game changer! Scientifically proven to improve efficiency compared to a flat hulled board, the V-Hull Voyager helps you paddle for longer with less effort. Another bonus is that the concave nose of the upper deck also creates more space under the bungees for all your gear.

New for 2021: The Twin Fin. We have introduced a twin fin set up on our Voyager board range – improving tracking and glide. By having two shorter fins rather than one longer fin, you’ll be able to get into much shallower waters, opening up a wider variety of waterways to paddle. Another benefit is that you can load your board with all of your gear and it will remain super stable. It won’t rock from side to side as you would find with one fin.

Timeless design: The Red Paddle Co iconic design has been updated for 2021 with a more streamlined look and feel. The extended Red embossed deck pad now reaches right down to the tail, wraps closer to the rails, and offers superior comfort and grip. The diamond-cut rear provides extra stability for performing step back turns, or for riding in bigger waves.

Flat Bungee Cargo System – UNIQUE TO RED PADDLE CO! – The self-closing, flat bungee straps are now larger, creating more tension to keep all your gear on your board! All boards come with three bungee straps on the nose, setting you up perfectly for adventures to come. 

New Titan II pump! Included with all of our SUP packages, our newly refined industry-leading Titan II pump takes you from neatly-packed to fully-inflated in half the time, with half the effort. See what’s new about the Titan II pump here

All Terrain Backpack: The liberating thing about our inflatable boards is how easy they are to travel with. Whether you’re driving to the coast, or flying across the world, all our boards deflate and pack away neatly into our purpose-designed All Terrain backpack, so you can easily transport it to your next location. 


Red Paddle offer a 5 YEAR WARRANTY

Every board is produced in our private facility using a unique manufacturing process and it takes an average of 72 hours to create each paddleboard