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Red Paddle Co 14' Elite 2017


WHO'S IT FOR? Racers looking for maximum speed

If you're serious about racing, you'll need a super fast board that's been developed to compete against the best - and win.  That board will be part of the Red Paddle Co Elite family - the fastest boards in their respective classes.  The secret of their speed lies in the details.  They ultilise our patented RSS system, which stiffens the boards and combines with FFC, another Red Paddle Co innovation to eliminate flex during sprinting.  All boards are 5.9" thick, raising them out the water and reducing drag, while double nose runner keep them tracking straight without causing additional drag.  These Elite boards, which feature the US Box Fin system, have already taken hard board racers by surprise, and inflatable SUP riders are now gunning for the record tables.

Red paddle co Racing SUPs are perfect for competition thanks to the development of new technologies and our unrelenting focus on all things race related.


  • 14'0 Elite board
  • Red Paddle Co backpack
  • Titan pump
  • Repair kit
  • Water-resistant phone case
  • 3 Piece paddle
  • Removable US Box fins
  • RSS battens
  • FFC Strut


  • Length: 14'0"
  • Width: 25"/635mm
  • Thickness: 5.9"/150mm
  • Volume: 340 litres
  • Rider weight: up to 120kg/265lb

The Competitive Edge

FFC - Extra rigidity to triumph in extreme circumstances

Forward Flex Control or FFC is a patented innovation by Red Paddle Co that stiffens the front section of the board to remove the flex created in sprinting phases of a race.  It also increases board speed to give you the competitive edge.  The system is made up of a compression strut that works in combination with RSS to deliver a more rigid ride.  It is attached during the inflation period and is very simple to set up.

RRS - Stiffer boards for better results

Getting a good start in a SUP race is vital for success, but it's also the moment you put the most pressure on the board.  RSS counter flex with two stiffening battens that are inserted into pockets on the sides of the board.  On Elite boards these are combined with FFC to ensure the most rigid ride of any inflatable SUP on the market.

MSL - Fusion finish to save valuable weight

It's only in a competitive situation that the full value of Red Paddle Co's MSL fusion composite and airtight coating structure can be recognised.  This industrial process reduces the amount of glue used to build a board, saving more than 2kg in weight.  Not only does it make the board easier to carry but it also helps it to fly over the water faster.

Tec Air - Flawless manufacturing process quality

You don't want to be let down by your equipment during a race, and that's what makes Red Paddle CO's Tec Air so special.  It ensures that the boards are made with maximum durability and a minimum of flaws.  Without this this unique structure, most other inflatables bend out of shape and push through the water, rather than slicing through the swell.


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