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Red dog lifejacket

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Staying safe on the water is the number one priority and we wanted to make sure that this was relevant for our four legged friends as well. The Red Original Dog Buoyancy has been designed so that the dogs can maintain a positive swimming position thanks to various thicknesses in foam throughout the buoyancy aid, this helps conserve energy and prolongs life if they get into trouble in the water. The wide front leg opening means that movement isn’t impaired and the Cordura TM Fabric is hard wearing and waterproof so it’s built to last.

The Dog Buoyancy is packed full of features such as four easy to use grab handles so you can get them out of the water in any situation. An integrated dog lead attachment for when they are around the water as well as reflective detailing so you can spot them in the water during low light.

Available in 5 sizes (XS, L, and XL to be available early 2020). Sizing is best calculated from the chest measurement as follows:

  • XS – 330 to 480mm
  • Small – 460 to 640mm
  • Medium – 610 to 810mm
  • Large – 760 to 940mm
  • XL  – 890 to 1140mm

Care instructions: Wash with fresh water after use and hang dry.

  1. Cordura waterproof fabric: Soft, comfortable and very durable.
  2. Chest Buoyancy: adds flotation to where the majority of weight is helping raise them out of the water
  3. 4 Grab handles: Makes picking the dog up simple.
  4. Reflective visibility detailing: Helps keep track of their location in low light conditions
  5. Metal lead attachment: Can be used off the water as well
  6. Adjustable straps: Makes getting the perfect fit easy
  7. Various foam thicknesses: distributes buoyancy correctly to create the optimum floating/swimming position
  8. Wide front leg : Increased range of motion and comfort.
  9. No-pinch clip design: Prevents your dog from getting hurt when putting the jacket on