Neo-Nova: Compact Kids iSUP

Neo-Nova: Compact Kids iSUP

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Compact Line Concept/
The revolutionary line of NOVA is a series of full-sized SUPs that fold down to only half the size of conventional inflatable paddleboards. Perfectly designed with Double Chamber Lite Tech to offer unparalleled convenience without compromising performance or durability and for the very first time, youth can paddle with their own AZTRON board!

New for 2021/
Expanded the with the Neo Nova 9'0" youth SUP and the Super Nova 11'0", a bigger size SUP for taller and heavier riders.

Key Features/

LITE DOUBLE CHAMBER: Offers a 60 litre of extra safety flotation for safety concerns and an iBeam technology.

SMART FOLDING: Half the size of a conventional iSUP after being folded, it is easy and lightweight to transport.

COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: Weight range from 7 to 9.8Kgs. Advantages from drop stitch core material

Hard Facts/
- 60L Double Chamber Lite Construction for basic safety needs and extra stiffness
-Smart folding concept makes the SUP gear bag half of the normal size.
- Durable drop-stitch core material
-4mm thick diamond pattern EVA traction deck
- 4 point D-ring connector on top and safety leash ring on tail
- Integrated front bungee system for gear storage and easy access
- 5-Inch twin fins set up with easy push in design
- Ready-to-go accessory pack: 8' coil leash, double action pump, 4 part style alloy paddle, 78L SUP backpack

Neo Nova Characteristics:
Length: 9'0"
Width: 28"
Thickness: 4.75"
Weight: 7kgs
Volume: 190L
Rec. Payload: 70Kgs
Max payload: 90Kgs

Due to its small size, kids will be able to easily control the 9'0" board in all types of water conditions, as well as finding it easier than ever to pump up and a paddle which is designed for kids in mind. With the Double Chamber technology, you won't have to worry about safety as even on the very rare occasion one chamber did pop you will always have another to keep you afloat and get you back home.