Starboard 2020  SURF DELUXE inflatable  9'5" X 32" X 4.75" - Available for pre order - The SUP Store
Starboard 2020  SURF DELUXE inflatable  9'5" X 32" X 4.75" - Available for pre order - The SUP Store
Starboard 2020  SURF DELUXE inflatable  9'5" X 32" X 4.75" - Available for pre order - The SUP Store
Starboard 2020  SURF DELUXE inflatable  9'5" X 32" X 4.75" - Available for pre order - The SUP Store

Starboard SURF DELUXE inflatable 9'5" X 32" X 4.75"

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The 2020 Starboard Inflatable 9’5″ Surf Deluxe DC is based on the Starboard 9’5″ Wide Point composite outline. The narrow nose does not get caught through turns, the wide standing area gives stability and the pulled in tail makes for reactive turning in the surf.

The 9’5″ Surf in the new Deluxe Double Chamber (DDC) woven fusion and welded construction, maximizes stiffness and hard board feel. The 4.75” thickness and FCS composite side fin system elevate the performance. The 9’5” Wide Point shape has been the best wave board in Starboard’s hard board line up and here it is available as an inflatable surfing paddle board.

A paddle board dedicated to surf. Starboard just pumped up the action with their inflatable surf paddle boards.



2020 Starboard 9’5″ x 32″ x 4.75″ Surf Deluxe Double Chamber

For 2019, Starboard injected 25 years of board building innovation into their inflatable board program. Their main focus was to build their boards stiffer, lighter, more stable, safer and way more durable. One feature, one of many unique to Starboard, is their Welding Technology. The welding technology carries over into 2020 as a proven technology with industry leading quality and durability.

What’s new for 2020?

  • New DDC, Deluxe Double Chamber, fusion woven drop stitch
  • New Re-Cover bag
  • New Tiki pump
  • Streamlined center carry handle

Deluxe Double Chamber (DDC) – safer, lighter, stiffer

The Starboard Deluxe Double Chamber construction brings the inflatable paddle boards one step closer to a hard board feeling. The Double Chamber stiffens the board significantly, thanks to the double side walls around the inner chamber. This chamber also offers extra safety flotation for emergencies.

Double I-Beam Stringer – Ultra Stiff

The innovative secondary chamber doubles the sidewalls and acts like a rollable I-beam. Starting just behind the standing area and continuing forward, the chamber is placed in the most critical area for flex and reduces deflection by 20-40%. The feeling of paddling with the stiff double I-beam stringer is very similar to a hard board, providing an authentic paddling experience.

Extra Floatation – Safety First

The secondary chamber offers up to 42 liters of safety floatation, with 14 liters even in the smallest boards, that require only 15PSI. Starboard pioneered Double Chamber technology in the 2013 Ocean Rescue inflatable paddle board. It is now revised, improved and gives the paddlers peace of mind while paddling.

New Fusion Woven Drop Stitch

In development for 5 years, Starboard’s new Woven Drop Stitch technology process starts with a glue free PVC lamination on the top and bottom of the board. Inside the board they have their new weave on the top and base. This weave provides a structure for the polyester yarns – which gives the board its shape. The weave has less give than the traditional knitting method. Knitted fibres have soft and stretchy properties, whereas this new weaving is superior in stiffness, reflex and rigidity. Think dress shirt vs a polo shirt.

But it’s not just about adding on – they’ve also taken away, cutting weight by 3.3 lbs on average. The yarn threads are reduced per square inch for better reflex. Less plastic and a lighter paddle board. Less weight, faster acceleration, easier to carry. With Starboard’s new Woven Technology their paddle boards are not only lighter, but stronger and stiffer. Better in every way.

Strong and light. Feel it!

  • Woven fabrics reduce stretch, hold more tension and create a stiffer board.
  • The woven fabrics use less material than conventional drop stitch, creating a lighter board.
  • Fusion lamination of top and bottom layers is done in a glueless process,  increasing stiffness and creating a solid board, while reducing weight.
  • What does it mean for you? A stiffer and lighter, durable board, with a reflex sensation you can feel.
  • Galvanized 2000 D rails increase the strength of the board, together with the 3K compression bands.
  • Surf model specific galvanized 2000 D top and bottom deck stringer strips for further increased stiffness and controlled rocker.

Heat welded rail – Bonded for life

  • Welding technology turns 2 pieces of material into a single solid unit, resulting in an extra-strong mechanical bond.
  • A mechanical bond is stronger, lasts longer and is better for the environment.
  • Welding creates a complete airtight seam without the risk of glue weakening over time.

Cleanest Technology

The deck and bottom lamination process is free of glue and solvent using stricter rules in plasticizer. Packaging of the board is free of plastic.

Welding Technology

Heated and bonded for life. Glue is never forever. Mechanical bond = Strength and Durability. Starboard’s new welding technique turns two into one – using heat to bond two separate pieces of PVC into a single solid unit. Heat-welded PVC creates a mechanical bond that’s stronger, lasts longer – and is better for the environment.


Since the beginning inflatable boards have been glued together at the seam, so the boards only last as long as the glue. Over the last few years Starboard have worked with welding machine manufacturers to develop better machinery for seam welding. Then they helped train their selected OEM assembler to utilize this unique technology in Starboard’s exclusive production lines, resulting in a long lasting mechanical bond.

New Starboard Re-Cover Bag

Light, strong, inflatable SUP bag

  • Made wider and shorter, so its easy and fast to pack, whilst preserving the shape of the Side Walls.
  • Due to the EVA Side walls, the All Star must be folded instead of rolling.
  • Bag is made from recycled plastic bottles. Approx. 30 bottles used to make 1 bag.
  • The ultra-light Re-cover bag is designed to minimise weight yet maximise comfort and strength, resulting in the very best backpack carrying experience.
  • Utilizing “Rip Stop” technology to further strengthen the solid 450D materials, we have an amazingly strong and light combo.
  • Thanks to our partner “Waste2Wear” for making this breakthrough possible with upcycled plastic bottles, showcasing futuristic thinking.
  • New spacious inside pockets for accessories.
  • The Re-Cover bags have a RPET 450D outer fabric layer made from upcycled plastic bottles, in partnership with Waste2Wear. About 30-150 bottles are used to make each bag
  • Square shape bag to accomodate new standing tray and efficient roll up/fold up
  • Twin roller wheels for easy transport
  • Padded cover
  • Ergonomically shaped hiking straps and back support, which can be packed away in the strap free system
  • Inside and outside compressions straps
  • Reinforced diamond PVC for increased durability around the base
  • Name tag window
  • Strong, non corrosive zipper
  • 34 x 20 x 12 inches

New Starboard Tiki Pump

Fast, easy and comfortable

  • The hose is attached to the pump’s body, so no flapping around when pumping the board up. And so is the pressure gauge, for an easy read of the pressure in the board.
  • 10% more efficient thanks to the redesigned handle, base, piston and outside tube for the air outlet.
  • By placing the airflow cylinder outside of the chamber, there is space for a more efficient flow inside the pump.
  • Double and single action pumping modes and wider removable foot base that increases stability when pumping.
  • Inflate your board with faster and easier continuous pumping, both in down and up actions. With the flip of a switch at about 7PSI, the double action pump can convert to single action for easy inflation up to 18PSI
  • Redesign allows effortless inflation due to the increased diameter of the intake and exhaust valves
  • Precise angled handle and palm grip for comfortable and easier pumping. The handles are wide and shaped perfectly to fit the palm, then rotated into the best angle for a sustained pumping action
  • The ergonomically designed extra wide detachable foot pad creates a stable, comfortable platform for sustained effort in getting your board up to 18PSI, in the shortest amount of time, yet packs down efficiently with the detachable base
  • The base and the handles are produced with upcycled fishing nets taken out of the Indian ocean.

Other Starboard Features

Surf Style Thruster Fin Set Up

  • Fins are positioned close to the rail for the quickest response and control when turning.
  • Thruster set up includes 1 center fin and 2 side fins. Thruster is more predictable and controlled in manoeuvres.

Curved Rocker Line

  • Large nose rocker limits the nose diving and catching during turns on waves.
  • Tail kick helps to lift the nose during turns and change direction with ease.
  • The rocker is based on the Starboard composite SUP surf boards.

The Surf Shape

  • The overall 9’5″ x 32″ Surf shape is inspired by the best selling Starboard 9’5″ Wide Point composite model.

Thinner Rails

  • Built in a 4.75″ DDC thickness to provide better control and manoeuvrability in surf.

Diamond Grooved EVA Deck Pad

  • Diamond grooved deck pad provides a comfortable grip and control.
  • Tail kick pad with raised kicker to push through turns.


  • Deluxe Double Chamber technology: Safety first, ultra stiff
  • Welding Technology. Mechanical bond = strength and durability
  • 3K Carbon Rail bands for extra stiffness and strength
  • 4.75″ Woven Drop Stitch – reduced stretch, higher tension yarn for stiffer board
  • Excellent grip and tracking from the thruster fin arrangement
  • Recycled EVA deck pad has a 3mm crocodile skin diamond groove in the standing area. 4mm diamond groove crocodile recycled EVA deck pad on the tail
  • Streamlined center carry handle


  • Length: 9’5″
  • Width: 32″
  • Tail width: 17.8″
  • Thickness: 4.75″
  • Volume: 218 liters
  • Weight: 22.3 lbs board only
  • Max payload: 230 lbs/105 kg
  • Fins: 8″ Net Positive, 2x 4.5″ Balsa Core
  • Warranty: 2 years

What’s in the box? This board comes with Starboard’s New Re-Cover SUP board bag, Starboard Light Core 220 Bio Resin fin, Starboard Tiki Pump, lightweight Starboard leash and a small repair kit.