Gladiator Elite 10'8 Inflatable Paddle board 2019 20% OFF
Gladiator Elite 10'8 Inflatable Paddle board 2019 20% OFF
Gladiator Elite 10'8 Inflatable Paddle board 2019 20% OFF
Gladiator Elite 10'8 Inflatable Paddle board 2019 20% OFF
Gladiator Elite 10'8 Inflatable Paddle board 2019 20% OFF

Gladiator Elite 10'8 Inflatable Paddle board 2019 20% OFF

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The 10'8 Gladiator Elite Inflatable Paddle board has a width of 34" and a depth of 6" making it a great board for even the heaviest riders, The Gladiator Inflatable paddle board is the favorite size in any brand for people that wants lots of stability and a board that will carry lots of weight. The thickness of 10'8 Gladiator is 6 inches thick and this is to allow a high volume to be pushed back into the water. (The SUP Inflatables team recommend the 10'6 gladiator for people under 110kg)  Gladiator doesn't stop been amazing quality at the board, Gladiator provide a really nice looking quality oversized bag with wheel's & rucksack that easily fits your board, paddle and pump in, The board also comes with a premium carbon nylon paddle made by the well known paddle manufactures Bravo, The paddle has even been branded Gladiator to match your board. The Pump is  a very high quality Bravo double action pump. The Gladiator board also comes with Gladiator leash and SUP Inflatables phone case giving you the full package to get you on the water! The Gladiator 10'8 is the perfect all round paddle board for the heavier rider wanting a great time with friends. family, kids or even your dogs too!




Gladiator Elite 10'8 x 34" Constuction
Laminated Double Layer
Double Layer
 Laminated Double Layer 
2 side glued fins & Centre US fin

The Gladiator Outline shape is 10'8' x 34" x 6' with a narrower mid section & wider tail giving this board a great glide, The gladiator is stable because of a wide tail and easy to turn. Its Easy to hold the paddle closer & vertical, which improves tracking and reduces the amount of times you have to switch the paddle from side to side when paddling.

The top and bottom layers are fused in a single, glue-less process.

Gladiator has two handles, 1 in the middle of the board and one at the back, The extra detail of the handle at the back of the board allows you to more easily walk your board out in to the water, in surf, low tide, and when paddling in rivers.

On nose storing gear and supplies.

Gives you the lightness and quality of a great carbon paddle with a Nylon blade to allow you to hit rocks or scrape the sea floor by accident, learn to SUP surf and have a have a great time

Inflate your board faster and easier with continuous pumping cycles in both downward and upward action.
With a switch, the double action becomes single action for easy inflation to 20 PSI.

Large - Great Quality - Strong
The Gladiator Large great quality bag is designed to carry all your gladiator paddleboard kit easily, with wheels and rucksack you can travel to the beach or all over the world.

3 Years Warranty

Gladiator SUP start at only £489 for a full iSUP package Gladiator are fantastic value, and through extensive testing by customers and hire/schools we can stand by their performance and durability. Gladiator is an innovative brand building high quality paddle board , but without a high price-tag, Using double layer laminated tech, They are light, strong & with a high quality drop stitch they can be blown up to 25 PSI, (even thought 18/20 psi is perfect) the confidence in this high PSI means not only a very rigid board but also one that is very very strong .
Gladiator have a 3 fin system, with a centre US Fin these boards track extremely well through the water too!

Gladiator Carbon/Nylon Paddle  | Wheeled  Backpack  | Double Action Pump  |    |  Repair Kit  |  SUP Leash  |