SUP -FIT- get fit on the water - The SUP Store
SUP -FIT- get fit on the water - The SUP Store
SUP -FIT- get fit on the water - The SUP Store

SUP -FIT- get fit on the water

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 SUP -FIT- get fit on the water


All levels of paddlers welcome


Is this for you? - if you would like to improve your fitness levels, burn calories, improve your paddling skills, want to paddle with others, gain confidence, be motivated ...this is for you 💪🏻

What will we be doing - A safe route will be set by us, And we will paddle between 3-6km aldepending on your level of fitness.  Expect to be pushed and motivated, you will be out of breathe and sweating. 

Can you stop when you like? - yes we will be paddling and down on a section of the river and if you need a rest there are places to sit in the shore. 

What board do I need? - Any shape any size and construction as long as you can paddle it. 

Distance - 6km maximum

Price -

£5 for Bournemouth sup club members

£7 everyone else


We will run a SUP Fit class every Saturday morning unless conditions are to bad.


Booking will have to placed in advance of the session on our website and we have a block by option for discount. 


Board rental is not included, it is £10 to hire a board for the session. 


Coaching and tips will be given but this isn’t a lesson.