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Red Paddle Ride 10'7" x 33" Wind SUP Board package 2019

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With the 2019 Red Paddle Co 10'7 WindSUP RIDE you can combine the best of two world’s; inflatable paddleboarding and windsurfing. On its own the Red Paddle Co 10'7 Wind SUP is an excellent paddleboard – stable with excellent tracking and genuinely rewarding to paddle. However, with the addition a windsurfing rig and centre fin, the 10’7 WindSUP is transformed into a fully functioning windsurfer that genuinely performs and goes upwind.

Red Paddle Co 10'7 WindSUP has two important additions that make this already superb paddleboard even more versatile; a dedicated universal joint (UJ) female thread plate which is integral to the board and two US fin boxes for removable single deep fins (both supplied); one acting as a centre board when windsurfing and the other providing tracking all of the time. For just an extra £50 you get a Red Paddle Co inflatable paddleboard which can also be converted easily to a windsurf board that everyone can enjoy.


The Red Paddle Co 10'7 WindSUP comes with:


    The Red Paddle Co 10'7 WindSUP board when inflated measures -

    • Length -10.7 feet
    • Width - 33 inches
    • Thickness - 4.72 inches
    • Volume - 296 litres
    • Weight - 9.7 kg

    The Red Paddle Co 10'7 WindSUP package when packed in its Red Paddle Co. Back Pack with pump and three piece alloy paddle measures -

    • Tall - 90 cm
    • Width - 50 cm
    • Depth - 35 cm
    • Weighs - 14.7 kg

     THE RIG not part of this package 

    The Red Paddle Co WindSUP Rig Pack was born from Red Paddle Co’s ongoing relationship with a number of training centres and premium holiday providers such as Sunsail and Neilson. The result  is a highly durable package which is rewarding to use while offering a smooth learning curve for those new to the sport.

    The 1.5m Rig Package is supplied with a two piece alloy mast for light weight while the remaining sizes include the extremely durable two piece Epoxy mast. Lightweight monocoque booms are provided with all of the packages, as are a universal mast base to fit standard & RDM masts. Red Paddle Co have also included a  mechanical universal joint to secure the rig to the threaded fixing point in your inflatable paddle board and an up haul for raising and lowering the rig. Finally everything fits in a purpose made hard wearing foil bag with padded handle and Red Paddle Co branding.


    Specification of the Red Paddle Co WindSUP Rig Pack is -

    Rigged Dimensions

    1.5m Rig Mast Height - 280 cm

    2.5m Rig Mast Height - 320 cm

    3.5m Rig Mast Height - 370 cm

    4.5m Rig Mast Height - 420 cm

    Packed Dimensions

    All rig packs come with a boom that is no larger than 140 cm x 40 cm x 12 cm. The sail rolls neatly away and stores easily in it own bag which is a similar size to the boom. The mast is made up of two sections. The largest cross section of the mast is 8 cm.

    1.5m Rig - Length of Largest Mast Section - 150 cm

    2.5m Rig - Length of Largest Mast Section -  170 cm

    3.5m Rig - Length of Largest Mast Section - 195 cm

    4.5m Rig - Length of Largest Mast Section - 220 cm