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2020 Starboard Paddle Enduro Tufskin Adult Blade/29mm - The SUP Store
2020 Starboard Paddle Enduro Tufskin Adult Blade/29mm - The SUP Store

2020 Starboard Paddle Enduro Tufskin Adult Blade/29mm

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This new amazing allround blade suits anyone from World wave rider champion Zane Schweitzer to entry-level at water paddling.

The direct, powerful and extra precise paddle shape with deep side concaves gets you from zero to hero. The wide lower part helps create a maximum efficiency area even if your stroke is not yet deep enough into the water.

That wide lower part is also great to lean on for stability in the waves and has won 3 world titles in the last 2 years.


The Enduro Tufskin is a great paddle that is very durable and sturdy, allowing any beginner to become a pro. With ease you'll get to a top speed without the best technique. Now as a 3 piece, making the Tufskin great to take away on adventures. 

Enduro 2.0 Tufskin Adult Blade  is made to be direct in the water, the first catch feels incredibly precise and powerful and has increased cadence due to a smooth water flow around the blade. What makes the Enduro blade so versatile is its angle. With a 13° angle, the blade works in many different conditions. It’s the perfect angle to push you out of the water fast enough to catch a wave when you want to surf and is great to cruise with, as it won’t require too much technique to get a good speed. The Enduro Tufskin paddle technology is strong and extremely durable ABS foil based, has a slimmer profile to reduce weight for improved efficiency, which is perfect for whitewater paddling and schools due to extreme strength and high impact resistance.

The Tufskin Adult Blade 2 Piece’s hybrid carbon shaft is both strong and agronomical, because of the carbon in the shaft the Enduro Tufskin remains a light and durable.