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Starboard 2019 Longboard size varients

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Designed to perform in waves from 1ft small beachbreaks to head high reef breaks. The boards offer fast down-the-line surfing, as well as the ability to perform in the critical section of the wave.

    Outline- parallel straight outline in the mid point provides a smooth fast glide that is easy to trim the board. Narrow diamond tail is extremely reactive in bottom turns. Fuller nose outline gives enough float and stability to ride toes on the nose for classic long board styling.

    Rocker- gradual nose kick ensures a smooth take off into waves without pearling. Relatively flat midsection delivers speed feeding into moderate tail kick for responsive turning.

    Bottom Shape- defined double concave from the nose through until a distinct V at the tail. Prominent double concave mid-section allows the board to roll onto its rail effortlessly to turn direction from the standing area. Pronounced V-tail makes turning very crisp and reactive, essential for fast bottom turns and off the top.

    Rails- low volume thinned out rails is fundamental in performance. Thin rails help easily engage with minimal foot pressure, giving control down the wave face and hold through steeper sections of the wave. The low volume rails make it ultra responsive and sensitive to turn direction with speed and control. The flat deck improves stability and makes transitioning effortless from rail to rail, allowing for drawn out carves and cutbacks.

    Technology- Pine Tek model features special reinforced layup with T-stringers and lightweight UD Carbon to stiffen the board and increase the overall strength needed from the thin profile.

    Fin Position- positioning very close to the rail enables carving with precision and hold through turns, while the center fin position gives tracking and drive.
    Fin Set up- 170 center fin and 4.5” proved to be the most preferred combination of drive and tracking. For more tracking, a larger center fin can be used.

    10’0”x29” carries more glide and speed from the longer length. The 29” width provides a wider platform with greater stability for heavier riders.
    9’0”x28” is suited for lighter riders that want faster and reactive maneuverability.