Mistral Vortex 14'
Mistral Vortex 14'
Mistral Vortex 14'
Mistral Vortex 14'
Mistral Vortex 14'

Mistral Vortex 14'

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Vortex 14' - Flatwater Racer 23.4" and 26"


One of the most beautiful, purposeful looking performance race boards on the market today. The Vortex is seriously quick and no part of its design is without purpose or reason. Best of all it’s not so unstable that it can only be ridden by gymnasts - it’s forgiving and loves to be paddled hard.

Through living and travelling through the Pacific for over 25 years, intuition and looking outward to the natural world to provide guidance has long been the primary inspiration for outrigger canoes, prone paddle boards and all form of water craft, amongst Polynesian, Melanesian and Micronesian artisans, as part of a seafaring culture. Dolphins aren’t shaped the way they are for no good reason and as over-used as it may sound, form will always follow function. 

From the outset the brief was simple - as fast and as stable as possible. Clean entry and clean exit lines are essential for efficient hydro-dynamics. Using a sturgeon nose principal of creating a bow wave which is thrown backward not forward and an underwater section which encourages water to wrap and disperse quickly and cleanly, the Vortex creates one of the cleanest bow waves you will every see and experience.

Paddling this board is not as challenging as you might imagine.
Lowered standing area improves control and the secondary buoyancy is reached very quickly preventing dramatic rolling.

With wins in it’s first two major races in the UK, the River Dart and Battle of the Thames London, the National UK SUP Series, The 11 Cities five day event in both the mens and womens divisions, the board has quickly risen to the fore of paddlers minds as a force to be reckoned with - in every sense a world class design.

Specifications: For flatter waters, long distance cruising or racing

  • VORTEX 'PRO' 14’ x 23.4” (426.7 x 59.4cm)
  • Optimum for paddlers up to 209lbs (95kg)
  • 10,5kgs Single Carbon + PVC foam core

  • VORTEX 14’ x 26" (426.7cm x 66cm)
  • Optimum for paddlers up to and over 209lbs (95kg) with added stability
  • 11,3kgs Single Carbon + PVC foam core
Key features:
    • Grab handle
    • 10” US Fin Box (fin not included) 
    • Dual scuppers (drain holes)
    • Dual leashes (Front / back)
    • FCS deck insert
    • Double to single concave
    • Super quick and long glide
    • Suprisingly stable