Red Paddle Co 12 ft 6 Sport - 2021
Red Paddle Co 12 ft 6 Sport - 2021
Red Paddle Co 12 ft 6 Sport - 2021
Red Paddle Co 12 ft 6 Sport - 2021
Red Paddle Co 12 ft 6 Sport - 2021

Red Paddle Co 12 ft 6 Sport - 2021

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Red Paddle Co12 ft 6 Sport - 2021


DUE IN March

For paddlers with an adventurous spirit, This board is perfect for those looking for speed to enjoy longer touring trips.


The Red Paddle Co. 12'6 SPORT 2021 board when inflated measures -

  • Length -12.6 feet
  • Width - 30 inches
  • Thickness - 5.90 inches
  • Volume - 350 litres
  • Weight - 12.4 kg

The 2021 Red Paddle Co. 12'6 SPORT package when packed in its Red Paddle Co. Back Pack with pump and three piece paddle measures -

  • Tall - 90 cm
  • Width - 50 cm
  • Depth - 35 cm
  • Weighs - 15.7 kg

The 12'6 Sport for us at The SUP Store is a step up from the ride range, it a slimmer of the 11' and 11'3 versions - it is still is super stable at 30" but will a pointier nose and narrower width this board will fly -  it this be more efficient and glide through the water beautifully. 


Racing or cruising? You decide on this sleek, super-fast tourer. Imagine how freeing it will feel knowing that you have everything you need for a weekend’s paddling all in the one backpack.

Our range of Sport inflatable SUPs are designed for paddlers who want to up their game from our Ride range. They offer enhanced performance, super speed and plenty of class. Whether you’re heading out on a solo voyage, or spending time with friends, this board will appeal to your sense of adventure.

The 12’6″ is the longest board in our Sport range. It provides the most glide and speed whilst still being easy to paddle. It’s also a great board to bridge the gap to our race boards. The 30″ width still offers stability, so you’ll feel perfectly at ease on longer touring trips.


WHAT'S INCLUDED -Backpack  - Pump - Paddle - Fins - Leash - Accessories


If you’re looking for a board that will eat up the miles in a leisurely fashion, then look no further. 



New for 2021: The Speed Tail. This brand new feature across our Sport range offers enhanced speed and nippy manoeuvrability. The rubberised edge on the tail aids water release and increases speed.


The sleek shape of the 11’ Sport cuts through the water with ease and the drawn-out nose section gives you more glide across the water. 

The 11’0” offers fast inflation and great flat-water performance for riders up to 90kg/198lb. If you’re looking for slightly more stability then the 11'3 is well-suited to a slightly larger rider. Or if you want something for longer touring trips, then check out our 12'6 SPORT

All Sport boards boast our patented RSS system for maximum rigidity, twinned with our exclusive MSL material gives you superior stability and durability. 

Timeless design: The Red Paddle Co iconic design has been updated for 2021 with a more streamlined look and feel. The extended Red embossed deck pad now reaches right down to the tail, wraps closer to the rails, and offers superior comfort and grip. The diamond-cut rear provides extra stability for performing step back turns, or for riding in bigger waves.


Flat Bungee Cargo System – UNIQUE TO RED PADDLE CO! – The self-closing, flat bungee straps are now larger, creating more tension to keep all your gear on your board! All boards come with three bungee straps on the nose, setting you up perfectly for adventures to come. 


Ergonomic tubular handles on all boards to give a cushioned, comfy grip when carrying your board. 

All Sport boards come with a durable fin from world-leading surfboard fin creators FCS – slotted into the fin box easily by hand and secured in place with a finger bolt.

New Titan II pump! Included with all of our SUP packages, our newly refined industry-leading Titan II pump takes you from neatly-packed to fully-inflated in half the time, with half the effort. See what’s new about the Titan II pump. 

All Terrain Backpack: The liberating thing about our inflatable boards is how easy they are to travel with. Whether you’re driving to the coast, or flying across the world, all our boards deflate and pack away neatly into our purpose-designed All Terrain backpack, so you can easily transport it to your next location. 


If you’re looking for a board that can handle more extreme conditions, then the 11’0’’ Sport should be at the top of your list.



Once you have chosen your board you now have got to choose your paddle - your paddle is your engine and will be apart of you once on the water - we offer two types with this package -  you can choose on the drop down menu.


This is a great paddle the nylon blade remains rigid thanks to the structural reinforcements. The rigidity of the blade combined with the flexibility of the hybrid shaft and overall lightweight feel makes the Carbon 50 Nylon an excellent alternative to heavier alloy paddles.



Take a step up and feel the difference 

This performance paddle uses a carbon weave for greater strength whilst keeping the paddle super light and responsive.

The blade shape is a teardrop design with a single dihedral blade face. This allows water to flow evenly off each side creating a smooth and stable stroke, whilst the double concave offers the user to really put the power down.

The structural foam core and ABS rail increases durability whilst reducing weight, so you can paddle further, for longer.


Red Paddle offer a 5 YEAR WARRANTY

Every board is produced in our private facility using a unique manufacturing process and it takes an average of 72 hours to create each paddleboard