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FCS II Touring SUP Fin


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"We love this fin! Lightweight, very strong, excellent shape and doesn't break the bank. The FCS II system means you no longer need a bolt and plate to secure the fin, you just push it hard into the box and the design will lock it in. we have used this fin in all water conditions including races - it does it all"

The FCS II Touring SUP Fin is ideal for flat water exploration on lakes and inland waterways, yet it will also perform well in small surf conditions. This SUP fin has a streamlined design that offers quick maneuverability and turning, and the seamless leading edge sheds weed quickly.

The FCS II Touring SUP Fin can be inserted, removed or adjusted in seconds. No screw and plate are required. The FCS II Touring SUP Fin fits a variety of existing single fin boxes.

View the specification of the FCS II Touring SUP Fin here


Base: 7.23" / 183mm
Depth: 9.14" / 232mm
Area: 43.51"² / 28073mm²
Sweep: 34.2º
Foil: 50/50

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