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So our long awaited Gulliver Sports Vbox2 Evolution has arrived! This board obviously looks very different and is a Vanguard shape which was first introduced by Tomo Vanguard of Firewire surfboards. Aaron Bitmead then took the Vanguard surfboard concept and created an SUP which has re-defined the industry. The concept behind this board in it's most simplistic terms is that the extra speed is formed from the parallel rail shape, flat ricer and and channel bottom. An increase in maneuverability is formed by less swing weight in the nose and by also exaggerating the the V bottom shape and length. The shape also allows paddlers to reduce the width board they raise as there is more stability with the Vanguard shape.

We have and 8'6 x 28.5 x 4.4 with 133ltrs and this is the board for the bigger guys! Try it out for yourself and see what you think. Contact us for prices and stock availability.

Written by Nick Watt — July 03, 2015

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