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The SUP Store are delighted to announce that we are supplying Origin Inflatable stand up paddle-boards. Origin have created a very unique and fantastic inflatable SUP and are not just another inflatable brand which we seem to see appear out of nowhere and onto the UK market. Read on and you will understand why we were very keen to start supplying Origin.....

  • The boards are designed and manufactured in the UK. Origin work with a company called Lindstrand Technologies based in Oswestry, Shropshire who are world leading aeronautical engineers who specialize in lighter than air, high-tech structures which makes their inflatable boards at the cutting edge of inflatable board construction.
  • Lightweight boards weighing between 6-8kgs. We have seen light inflatables created but construction has suffered but these boards are solid with their unique construction
  • Unique construction called Gel Coat Second Skin. This creates an incredibly light and extra strong protective layer that covers the entire board, keeping the weight to an absolute minimum. By mimicking a sharks skin the Gel Coat Second Skin provides a streamline outer shell that makes Origin inflatables boards glide through the water like no other. They are also constructed of 4 layers which makes the strength incredible.

So as you can see from those points, this is a true SUP inflatable brand who are pushing technology and the want to make a quality inflatable board. The range will be expanding for next year to bring in 14’ and possibly come race shapes. For more details on Origin, check out their website

We have a 12’6 Tour as a demo and we’ll be posting up video and pics soon. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about these boards and visit our page if you would like to purchase a board.

Written by Nick Watt — July 01, 2015

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