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We've just been updating our Accessories page with some great new products, check them out here:

Starboard double paddle bag - a paddle bag which takes multiple paddles.

Starboard 8ft Coil leash - ideal for racing and touring. The shorter length means you don't have to much of the coil hanging about at your feet. Many distance and race boards now have a center leah plug do you can attached your leash by your feet rather than at the rear of the board

Starboard Carry Handles - these are made by Starboard and will fit all distance and raceboard which have the insert hols but may fit other brands if they holes are there. Some of the local guys have had screw holes added by a local repairer so they can attach these handles. Having right handle placement when racing in technical disciplines is very important.

Rail Protector tape - keep your rails protected from paddle marks with this excellent tape. It's applied very easily and stick really well.

Written by Nick Watt — January 19, 2015

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