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Last Saturday saw the first stage of the Baysup's annual Frostbite Race Series which is now into its 6th year. The stage was re-scheduled from December due to bad weather and re located to the New Forest Waterpark which is an enclosed lake in Dorset. As this was a distance race we were looking at 10 laps of the lake which totaled 40 buoy turns! I opted to go inflatable for this race and took out the Origin Paddleboards 14’ x 27”. At 7.5kgs and it's unique construction, this board has a great deal of glide and rigidity - the best we have seen at SUP Store in many years and the proof is in the speed you can get on this board. I’ve paddled and raced other inflatable 14’ boards and they are nowhere near as fast as the Origin.

The entrant numbers were quite small but still plenty of fast paddlers such as Ryan James, Pete Holliday, Mark Slater and Rob Stewart. Ryan, Pete and Mark took off early leaving myself and Rob who was paddling the Red Paddle Co 14' Elite. This was going to be quite an interesting race as I know Rob is a faster paddler than myself - get him on his Starboard Sprint 14’ and he isn’t too far behind Pete and Ryan. There was a good 20 meters between us all the way and I was waiting for Rob to overtake me at anytime but I managed to stay ahead for all 10 laps and a knee trembling 40 buoy turns. Rob finished just a couple of seconds behind me and we were 4mins behind Ryan James who took the win. Not bad for racing on inflatables and I fully believe the Origin is a very fast race inflatable.

Origin Paddleboards are still a new inflatable brand compared to the big players but when people truly discover and understand these boards I believe they will be up there with the big names. Origin are all made in the UK (Lindstrand Technologies in Shropshire) and the 14’ weighs just 7.5 kgs. Also check out the coolest travel bag (pic below) you’ve ever seen on an inflatable (weighs 8 kgs all packaged up with fin and pump) which makes storage and traveling with this board very easy..

We have demo Origin’s available so please get in touch if you would like to try one or race on one

Written by Nick Watt — January 11, 2016

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